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Personal Development

All aspects of the Views School’s approach are in place to support our students in gaining a better understanding of themselves and how, for example, being an Autistic person impacts upon them in their day to day lives. By supporting this development, students become more empowered in taking control of how the world around them has an effect upon them, their anxieties, and actions. This ability allows people to make a choice when facing challenges, providing greater opportunities for positive outcomes.  


Our understanding of a diagnosis and how this relates to an individual provides the initial guidance on areas of need. Finding ways to motivate and inspire our students to learn and grow in all aspects of their lives is established. We not only identify the strategies to engage with our learners, we provide them with the personal skills to successfully engage with the world around them. Our aim is not only to remove the barriers to education; we empower our students to overcome them independently. 


We support our students in developing an understanding of self-worth including their own personal care and appearance. With a shower and washing facilities on site we work with the individual in ensuring a standard of personal care, health and well-being. We explore healthy living as part of the curriculum across all key stages, accrediting knowledge through BTEC awards at Level 1 and Level 2 and ASDAN courses and awards. 

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