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Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 (years 7-9) curriculum is implemented on a three year rolling programme of study. No matter what ‘year group’, all students will follow a common curriculum area, with teaching differentiated accordingly. 


We use a ‘creative’ curriculum which embeds a range of subjects with a single topic area. Students will study English, Science, History, Geography, PSHE, Music, Art and DT within the creative curriculum, with Mathematics remaining a predominantly stand-alone subject **. 


Subject areas are linked with curriculum topics. Using Topics as primary learning provides students the opportunity to choose an element within a topic of personal interest. This approach provides the young person with the opportunity to guide elements of their own learning. Empowering students in this way often provides the area of interest, and desire to learn which allows our young people to engage fully with their learning.


The flexibility of choice is embedded within a subject structure, which ensures our students will cover all aspects of the National Curriculum other than a language based subject. Students will receive the appropriate taught hours in the identified subjects

Total taught hours p/w:   21


      English/CC:   4

      Mathematics:   4

      Science/CC:   2

      Physical Education:  2

      PSHE/CC:   2

      Creative Curriculum:  2

      ICT:    1

      Tutor time:   2.5

      Reflection:   1

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